Doggie Daycare

Now accepting some large dogs. Limited space available.

To book your dog in for doggie daycare or if you have any questions please text or call or text us directly at 905-428-8160 for more information. You can also email us at

A Typical Day at Ajax Pet Care...


On a typical day the smaller dogs play in their playgroups in our air conditioned indoor playrooms. These rooms are very large and provide lots of bedding and toys. We have an entire area in our backyard strictly for the little guys. They are let outside every hour for fresh air. Of course this time is adjusted depending on the weather conditions outside. All dogs are very sensitive to both hot and cold and are always watched carefully. In the summer they also enjoy a nice swimming pool and of course fresh water is always available in every season.

Medium Dog Play

The medium size daycare dogs can go in either the small dog groups or the large dog groups. Again, this is an individual situation, which we can assess upon meeting your pet. If your medium size dog is “over the top energetic” and does well with the bigger dogs then that’s where we will put him/her. If your medium size dog is quieter or shyer then he/she will go with the small dogs.

Large Dog Play

We have a very large fully fenced in backyard where you dog can run and play all day. We also offer (of course) a large indoor playgroup for the dogs. Your dog will go home absolutely exhausted after a day of play with his/ her friends!

Daycare Requirements

We have fresh cold water available 24/7 for all dogs. Regardless, the excitement of your pet going home will often result in excessive water drinking. Please limit their water intake to very small amounts for their first 15 minutes home to prevent diarrhea.

We ask our daycare clients to please remember that dogs play rough. They jump on each other’s heads and play with their mouths. For this reason it is not uncommon for your dog to come home with some scratches and sometimes (but rarely) worse. Although every precaution is taken to ensure your pets stay with us is a safe one, we cannot be responsible for illness or injury which may occur. Any and all veterinary fees will be solely the responsibility of the pet owner.


We have decided in the best interest of our 4 legged clients we will NO LONGER be offering indoor tours of our facility. Please go to our facebook page for pictures and videos.

PLEASE NOTE: These are our pickup and drop off times ONLY. Our staff diligently works from 6:00 a.m. until 9:00-10:00 p.m. each and every day to make sure your four legged family member is being exercised and tended to in the best possible way.

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