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Ella has proudly owned Ajax Pet Care since it opened over 30 years ago! She takes an enormous amount of pride in the facility and staff. Each staff member is handpicked for their patience, love and compassion of animals. Her two legged family consists of her three children and her EXTREMELY patient husband who is often surprised at the end of the day when he comes home to a new pet that is “just staying the weekend”. Once owning five rescue dogs at one time (yikes), her family is now down to their two rescues Pearl and Charlotte and their newest rescue “Carry On”. Having said that there is always a freeloader hanging around until they are placed in their forever home. So while most tend to leave their work behind at the office, occasionally she takes hers home, much to the delight of her family.


Corinne is our dynamic receptionist who also doubles as kennel staff. Corinne is one of a kind to work with and will always be ontop of everything going on around her. She can multitask like you have never seen (great trait to have here) and always does so with a smile on her face. Corinne has the most contagious giggle you have ever heard in your life! She is very diligent making sure the dogs are well cared for and has an extremely compassionate nature. She has worked with us for over 10 years and is extremely dedicated to the dogs and her job.When not at work you can find Corinne hanging out with her favourite guy “The Cow” aka “Cowboy” who is one of our rescues Corinne has adopted. She thinks the sun rises and sets on Cowboy so who are we to tell her different.


Hello! My name is Mikaila and I am currently a Veterinary Assistant student at Seneca College. I have worked here at APC for almost 3 years now and it is hands down the best job I could have found! I love getting to know all the dogs and their comical personalities. With my free time, I’m always spoiling my 3 dogs Penny, Daisy, and Piper. One of which I adopted earlier in 2022 (penny) who absolutely loves coming to work with me and hanging out with her friends, especially the hound crew!


Hi! My name is Lynsay and I have worked at APC for a little over 3 years. My favourite part of work is getting to spend my days with the dogs and seeing their funny personalities! Outside of work I’ll always be found with my 2 dogs, my senior puppy, Princess, and my rescue girl, Tessa, who I adopted from APC in August of 2022


Daveena has been working at Ajax Pet Care since 2003. She started as a high school co-op student and has literally grown up with us. Daveena is our lead supervisor and is very passionate about her work with the dogs. At home she kept busy with her 4 dogs Nassau Nitro Nova and Liberty. She is married to William and they have two beautiful daughters Peyton and Mackenzie.


Hello! My name is Veronica and I have been working at APC for just under one year. As a dog lover, I immediately fell in love with working at APC and I am so appreciative to meet so many puppy pals! I adopted my first dog through APC and have never looked back! Rex is my right hand man at work and loves to play and go on hikes! Outside of work, I am currently finishing my Communications Degree and excited to have my schooling further assist my passion for animals! My favourite part of work is seeing all of the different dog personalities and of course play time!


Hello! My name is Erika, I am currently attending school at Trillium College for Personal Support Worker. I have been working at APC for about 3 months and I abolutely love it! Hands down the best job i’ve ever had. I don’t have a dog of my own but hopefully I get to have one of my own one day.


Hey there! My name is Felicia and I have been working at APC since the summer of 2022 and it is honestly the best job I have ever worked! I’ve always loved working with animals ever since I was young and I hope to work at the Toronto zoo in the future! I have a golden retriever – pyrenes mix at home named Nomi! He is a playful but a spoiled boy at home. Working with the staff and dogs have been a joy and I hope to stay for a while!


My name is Anysa and i am currently a Dental Assisting student at Anderson College. i have been working at APC since the summer of 2022 and its definitely the best job i have ever had. I absolutely love coming into work to see all my furry friends, who love to see me too! In my free time i live for my 2 dogs Dior (pitbull) and Kenya (XL american bully).

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